Disabled state does not look like i made it

Hi, in the attached file i have created a interaction where you have to pick one picture and on the next slide you can see the picture you chose. 
It works, but i made a disablede state (so after you picked the picture you cant click it again) with a green frame (so you can see with pic you have sellected), but in preview, the green frame is gone...

What am i doing wrong here?

Kind regards! Erica

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Erica Berghout

Hi David,

I was just having a fresh look at it, and I realized that I forgot to add the trigger to change the state to disabled... so I got it working already.

But, you did it with fewer triggers. And I was pretty surprised, I tried the selected state but it did not work as I wanted. Because you still could select both pictures at the same time and after you selected one, you can also select it...

I made the triggers in my project as you did, but it works like I just described... and not like yours... I would love to understand what you did differently. because I really thought it was not possible to let it work like you just did...

I see you added a lot of variables, but don't really understand what you did there. 

kind regards.

David Anderson

Hi Erica - Glad that's close to what you were looking for.

Here's what I did w/ your file:

  1. Deleted the triggers to change object to normal
  2. Created a button set for both images

Here's a quick video of how I did it: https://360.articulate.com/review/content/1e68b142-07ed-41b1-9ee3-1a61fedffea6/review