Disabled state

Ok, this is the BEST place for help!

I am having trouble with the disabled state.

So just a little about what I am doing....students will be clicking on a text box (normal state) and going to another slide.

When they finish reviewing that slide they are prompted to go back to the homepage where I want that text box that was just clicked to be disabled.

When I seem to add in that trigger, it does not disable, as in I can still click on it and it goes back to that slide.

I have other states which is where I might be running into some problems.

There is a "Hover state" that simply changes the color of the text.

I also have a "Visited" state that changes to grey color to show they have already been there.

So the problem now is, when I create the disabled state, they can still click on it (and I do not want them to be able to do that)

All in all, my states:




Disabled (the problem state)


Anyone else ever have this issue??

Thanks in advance!



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Ali Goulet

Hey Josien-- Thanks for sharing your file here! I see what you're saying about the "Jump to" triggers still working despite the state being disabled in the dropdown menu on that layer. I went ahead and set up a case with our Support Engineers to investigate this a bit deeper with you. Your case number is 01040377 and one of our Engineers will be reaching out to you shortly via email. I'll be keeping an eye on it too, as I'm curious what the cause could be here! 

Ray Cole

I'm also experiencing trouble with the disabled state.

Disabled Continue Button Not Behaving Right

The Continue button begins in the disabled state and triggers change it to the normal state after the learner has clicked both of the red canisters in the bin under the table.

However, before both canisters have been clicked, I can roll over the Continue button and click it. If I click it, it changes its appearance from greyed out to what appears to be an active/available state, which would be rather confusing to learners since it apparently isn't active (clicking it does not activate the Jump to next slide trigger).

Shouldn't setting the button state to Disabled make the button unclickable altogether?

I've attached a 2-slide *.story file.



Ray Cole

Hi Wendy,

Yeah, that's Storyline's unfortunate habit of extending the effective size of a button's hotspot to encompass the surface area of every object the button is grouped with. In order to have the fly-in animation on that instruction panel bring all the elements onto the screen together, the step number ("2"), the panel, and the Continue button are all grouped together (e.g., I selected them all and grouped them with control-g, and then applied the fly-in animation to the resulting group).

I have done this so often I almost stop noticing how wrong it is that rolling over any part of the group is treated like rolling over the button in the group. :-)

However, the group seems to be the source of the problem with the disabled state, so thanks for bringing it to my attention. If I ungroup the button, the disabled state works correctly. When grouped, it does not.

Looks like a Storyline bug to me.




UPDATE: I submitted a case with the support team.