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Crystal Horn

Hi Gabby.  Can you break this interaction up into more than one slide, where the next drop targets are on a subsequent slide?  Do all of the drops have to be correct before revealing the new drop targets?  If so, you could just make the last slide in this "series" the one that grades the entire interaction.

What other ideas do folks have for Gabby?

Gabrielle Dwyer

Hi Daniel!

Wow thanks that's genius! I ended up doing a work around with drop down menus but this would have been a perfect solution. I'll definitely use this in future! Quick question - How are you getting previous drag items to stay visible that are in layers when your in a separate layer?



Chris Hodgson

Reading this thread helped to save my project!

I was creating a drag and drop activity where I wanted each drop to be scored individually as they were done, so I wasn't using the Submit button.

However, once an answer had been given it was still possible for the user to drag another answer into the same box, as Geordie mentioned above there's no way to disable or hide the drop targets to stop them from working in the background.

In the end I realised I just needed to animate the drop target off the stage!

On the correct/incorrect layer for each drop target I added a trigger which moved the respective drop target on the base layer off the stage, the answer given stayed in place but the drop target no longer accepted any more drops.