disabling enabling default button

Hi there,

I am in a production where custom questions are made. We use default navigation and disable the next button at the beginning of the slide until the learner click a custom submit button that change the state of the default next button to normal for progression. It works.

My concern is if a learner goes back to a previous custom question slide, the initial programmed disable state of the default next button comes back even if the 'resume save state' is on. 

Besides creating a variable for every question slide, is there something that I am missing in the fundamental of the 'resume save state'. There seems to be a couple of initial setting and triggers a 'resume save state' is doing by default.

Find attached a pic of my triggers


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Richard!

It looks like your Next button is going to be disabled unless the learner clicks something. 

I know you mention besides a variable, but a true/false variable to control your next button is exactly what I think of in this situation. 

Perhaps others in the community have a solution to share.