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I'm working with a colleague on a Storyline 2 project. We are attempting to build a simulation for legacy software (menu driven green and yellow print on a black background). We want to make it possible for a learner to click on a line in a green on black menu and have Storyline 2 take the learner to the new menu or a screen that lists options for their next action. We want to disable the NEXT button so the learner can't just click on it and go from screen to screen.

What would we need to do to disable the NEXT in this type of interaction?


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Wendy Farmer

Hi Jacque

you can add a trigger

Change state of Next button to disabled when timeline starts on slide xx.  If you have a number of slides you want like this, you could create a master slide layout with the trigger set and then apply the layout to the interaction slides..

See attached

Christie Pollick

That is fantastic news, Jacque! Delighted to hear you are all set! 

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