Disabling the next button until user clicks on all required buttons not working

Hi All,

I am really confused. I find a tutorial on how to disable the next button function. 

So I did it. 

1. create a true/false variable

2. add a new trigger/ adjust variable here I have choosen all the buttons to be visited before proceeding

3. edited the next button trigger / added a condition

I have several buttons to be visited is that an issue ?

Or does the position of the trigger causes the issue?

Can somebody help me.



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Steve Flowers

Hi Hanna - 

Here's a Storyline 1 example. I like to pivot off of a single object state when gating navigation stuff. That way I can take advantage of other events. Like the bundled state event in the attached example. Moving the lock shape off of the stage cleans stuff up.

See attachment 2 responses below. Things were not working properly in the attachment to this response.