Disabling the Next button with Restricted Navigation

Oct 31, 2017

Hi. I am using Storyline 360. I have an interactive slide, where I've disabled the Next button until all buttons are Visited. Then once all objects are Visited, the Next button is turned to Normal.

However, the Next button turns to Normal as soon as the seeking reaches the end of the timeline, regardless of the buttons being Visited.

I found a temporary solution of changing the Navigation Restrictions to Free, instead of Restricted.  But eventually, I will need to change back to Restricted after testing is complete. 

Any ideas what's causing this? 

Thanks! Lisa

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Michael Anderson

Lisa, do you have a trigger in there that is enabling the Next button at the end of the timeline? I know that seems obvious, so don't yell at me, it's just that with some projects with lots of triggers, the built-in triggers can get lost in there. Are you able to post an example of your project file?

Lisa Ramsey

Thanks for the reply! I'm using the built in Next button. I've Disabled it on the base layer and then set it to Normal on the slide layers once all layers are "Visited".  The attached has the Menu settings set to Navigation = Free. When I change Navigation to Restricted, the Next button becomes active as soon as the timeline reaches the end.

Trina Rimmer

Hi Lisa! Thanks for sharing your file with us. I took a quick look and found that changing from Free to Restricted didn't have any effect on the behavior of the Next button. Your slide trigger to disable that button until all the items are viewed, seems to be working for me. 

Here's a quick Peek video to show you how things look on my end! If I've misunderstood the problem, please let me know.

Lisa Ramsey

Trina - Thanks so much! Your video confirmed what I was doing and I'm glad to hear that you it works OK for you. Another person replied to me and it worked fine for him as well. 

For whatever reason, I still have this hiccup in Preview mode. But when I published it to html5 it worked just fine. So I'm going to move forward. Thanks again for you help!

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