Disappearing Audio!?

Feb 10, 2020


Storyline 360 is not playing back the audio in preview mode, it's not publishing to Review 360 with the audio, the audio is just completely disappearing. Closed captioning does not even show up in the published version, and will not play back in preview mode.

I've found several other discussions from the last couple of years where others have experienced similar difficulties. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Storyline as suggested, and have tried everything else I could find, that was suggested.

This is happening in all my projects now. So it appears to be a defect or incompatibility with Storyline.

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Ned Whiteley

Hi Ted,

I have previewed your file and also published it to Review and both times the audio was fine, so I'm guessing that the problem must either be with your computer or your Articulate installation.

I have attached a link to my published version below so that you can see if it works at your end:


Sorry I can't offer any more assistance.

Ted Coffman

Now, after uninstalling Storyline and reinstalling an older version, the audio began working, but within an hour or so, started disappearing again. Again I uninstalled, and reinstalled, it started working, and then began failing again, after about an hour or so. Anyone have any experience with anything like this? Anyone have any ideas as to what I might try next? Thank you in advance for any suggestions or thoughts.

Ted Coffman

We are now having numerous individuals on our Articulate 360 Teams, seeing audio completely disappear. And the audio problems we're experiencing are getting worse. We have 25 individuals on our Articulate 360 Team, and many are reporting disappearing audio. It's creating a lot of extra work for a lot of people in our company. Can you please look at the original file I sent you, and see if you can find any evidence of degradation and if you do, please see if there's any way to determine what might be causing it?

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