Disappearing navigation buttons

Jun 26, 2014

I'm using on-screen navigation buttons to control the learner's navigation through the course. I have the Forward arrow with a state of "Hidden" to start with and a trigger that changes the state of the arrow to Normal when the timeline ends.

However I've noticed that where there are layers on the slide, the arrow appears but then disappears again when one of the layers is revealed. Is this something to do with the timing i have on the base timeline and/or layers or something to do with the set-up in my trigger?



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Harri S

Hi Sarah, 

It looks like this is happening because you've got the eye closed for the arrows on the 'base layer objects' bit of the layer timelines,

If you don't mind my asking, what is the purpose of hiding the next button until the end of the timeline? If it's to ensure learners have completed the page there may be more effective ways of doing this.

Hope this helps

Harri S

Sometimes it's necessary to lock down content - it all depends.

If there is going to be content on the layers as well I would suggest using visited states on the post it notes to ensure that the learner's looked at all of the content. To do this you'll need to build your shapes in a state rather than grouping them.

I've had a go at it for you (attached) 

Obviously I don't know the client or the content so this might not help....just a thought

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