Disappearing text in preview and publish

Jan 05, 2014


i have a simple slide with text and an image.

the text has an animation of fade in by first level paragraph.

all the text is in one text box.

when editing all is fine, but once i preview or publish, some of the text doesn't show.

attaching 2 screen shots - 1 of edit mode and 1 of preview.

why does this happen. (it happened in a few different projects)

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Darin Fennell

I am having somewhat of a similar problem using Storyline 2. I had to resize my module and now some text in shapes I created are not showing when I preview.

Development view

Image as viewed in development screen

Preview screen

Image as viewed in preview screen

I do not recall having this issue prior to changing the resolution. I did make sure and select the scale option when I changed the resolution. This is the only area I found an issue after the resolution change. Any ideas?

Nancy S

I also have two text boxes that are disappearing at the end of the slide. It looks as if I ended the text boxes early in the timeline, but I didn't. The timelines extend all the way to the end. 

I have quite a lot going on with the slide. I have a slide background graphic, a graphic on top of the slide, narration, music, and four text boxes that float in as one object. Can you think of any reason two out of four text boxes would disappear at the very end? I've moved them up and down on the timeline but it doesn't change anything. They still disappear.

I've added three screen shots to show you what I am seeing: all the text, after the text has disappeared, and the timeline.

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