Disappearing variables on results slide

Hi all! I've created a training with a 10-question assessment at the end. The assessment (and training) are built off a template from our institution that I have inherited. Right now, I have two results slides that both have the appropriate variables assigned in the triggers. When I tried to delete one of the duplicate results slides (6.12 or 6.13), however, the triggers become unassigned and I lose the variables. I'm scratching my head. Can someone help me figure out what I'm doing wrong here? I've attached the training.

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Jackie Ha


I'm not sure why Storyline is doing that, but I did find a way to work around the issue, in case you haven't found a solution yet.

Create a blank slide and create 2 layers on it. On your results slide, select everything and copy it, then paste onto the blank slide. Do the same for the Success layer, and the Failure layer. Now that you have the contents, delete the two results slides, then under the Slides tab, click on Results to add a new results slide. Delete everything on there, and then paste what you had copied before onto each layer. This should have brought the variables back, and then you will just need to add the background image to the slide again.