Disappearing work (again) / Return of random revert

Another update and another new/old issue returns.

I have noticed over the last few days since updating to the latest version that my projects seem to spontaneously revert to an earlier draft and  all work I have done disappears and is lost.

The first time it happened 3 days ago, the work weirdly reappeared after a few frantic minutes of clicking on every slide to see what had happened - all my master slides got duplicated and the module seemed to reference the new set, and only when I forced the slides back to the original master set did the content magically reappear.

Today though, the work just vanished. I had Storyline open, in the background, and when I returned my mornings work was gone. It didn't get accidentally deleted - there was no undo option.

I'm getting sick and tired of these fundamental glitches with Storyline. I keep getting messages from the staff telling me that an issue I flagged (sometimes years ago) has finally been addressed and I should update, only to encounter another new/old issue that erodes my confidence in the quality control team here.

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