disappointed with animation options

I am a little bit disappointed with animation options.

I have the feeling that all the good ones I was using in Powerpoint and thus in Studio'09 are not available in Storyline. Is there some hidden secret extra animation option tab somewhere?

I would like to move around some objects, draw some paths, grow an object from a size to another.

I understand I can grow an object from one size to another using states, or move them around, but that's not animations... plus it's tricks and I was expecting much more possibilities... please tell me i am wrong!

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Phil Mayor

Animations in Storyline are currently restricted to entrance and exit animations.  It has been confirmed that more and better animations are being worked on.

There are ways of achieving what you want if you search the forums there are many work arounds.

Storyline is a different product to Studio so it was not the intention to copy Studio and to be honest most of the interactions you could achieve in Studio were just Smoke and mirrors

Bruce Graham

Hi Marc.

No - you are not wrong, at the moment there is only a very basic set on animations.

More are on the way, however, if you are REALLY stuck at the moment, and you have PowerPoint 2010, then just create a slide, Save As > Windows Media Video, and then import.

Remember that they will be available in Presenter - it is a PowerPoint Add-on. Storyline CAN use PowerPoint files, but is a standalone product.

This was created using a mix of video and standard Storyline, so you can see that the "joins" are invisible.

Hope that helps.


Gerry Wasiluk