Discrepancy between Articulate test site output and LMS

Apr 18, 2013

I have a strange situation, and I am stumped. I made an edit to a project, literally just adding a comma. I republished the project for LMS, zipped it up, and sent it to our LMS administrator. When I view the project locally, and through the test site (tempshare) I see the comma. When the folder is added to the LMS, everything else works as expected, but the comma is not there. Everyone, on my end (local and through tempshare) and on the LMS end has cleared cache and we have gotten the same discrepancy, through multiple publishes, rename, etc.

Any ideas?

I am not so concerned about the missing comma - I am more concerned that this may result in future other discrepancies we may not catch or be aware of until we get user feedback.

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Dennis Hall

Hi Lamma Mamma:

LMS systems are not supposed to display changes in content, so your LMS seems to be compliant and is working correctly.

The only way to change content in a course within a compliant LMS environment is to publish a new version of the course and register the user to the new version.

Clearing Cache was a good idea, however, LMs systems store Session Cache on the server and update that cache through the use of cookies that are tied to the Servers Session Data (not to be confused with cmi.data).

I hope this helps.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

Antony Snow

Hi Lamma,

I recently had a similar problem with our LMS (Moodle based Totara) and after clearing my cache several times I finally realised that the URL of our LMS was saved as a favourite within IE and when I cleared my cache I was leaving the 'Preserve Favourites website data' option checked so I was only clearing the cache of any non-favourite sites.

Just a thought....


Dennis Hall

Hi Lamma:

I would have republished the course as the same name, but changed the version number in the SCORM setup within Storyline.  You could then upload the course to the LMS as per normal.

The LMS should read the imsmanifest.xml file that Storyline creates and create a new version of the same course for you.

Sounds like it's too late now, but in the future, you will save a great deal of trouble by simply versioning your published course.

Best Regards,

Dennis Hall

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