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This is a note to our friendly and helpful folks at Articulate.  I set time aside a couple times a week to peruse the Discussion areas to gather ideas and "learn things", yes I like NCIS New Orleans.  I would like to ask, would be possible to add the original, date of a post to the Discussion viewing area.  Or even use the X months, or X years ago that exists in the post itself.  Just a thought.

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hey Eric,

Thanks for sharing that idea here - I could see a lot of benefit in that (our team reads them all, so we probably don't notice it as much). They are currently organized using the "No Replies" or the "last post" so that you can see the most recent stuff first (beyond what we pinned to the top).  I personally just sent along some ideas to our web team about making navigation a bit easier so I'll share this along too. 

As for NCIS New Orleans....it's no Mark Harmon or LL Cool J for that matter. ;-)