Dismayed and frustrated by Storyline and lack of templates

Aug 20, 2012

I am somewhat disappointed in the lack of templates for Storyline offered on the Articulate site (as well as for other Articulate products). When purchasing Storyline it seemed like there were hundreds of available Storyline templates for the coolest things, but after using the product, I come to find out that Articulate cannot open  Engage or other affiliated program templates, and all of those beautiful templates were for Presenter, Engage, etc., not Storyline.

Isn't there just a simple "Storyline Tools"  template for building interactive graphics, branching scenarios, recording interviews, etc. available anywhere? Almost  like a a Storyline"Wizard" or collection of examples w/templates attached?  

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Carla Ollero

Hello Ryan! I too am just beginning with Articulate Storyline and am interested in all the templates I'm able to get my creative hands on.

I have found with much success the built-in templates "Top Interactions" that were included when I first purchased Storyline. I have enjoyed many of the free addon templates shared in the Storyline downloads area: http://community.articulate.com/downloads/g/storyline/default.aspx

You may also import and use Articulate Studio templates (PowerPoint and Quizmaker) since they are permitted to import into your projects. Here is where I learned how to import those projects and their template designs: http://community.articulate.com/tutorials/products/importing-from-powerpoint.aspx

What are some descriptions of templates that you were looking for?

I'm sure an Articulate staff employee would be pleased to provide better information and details.

Phil Mayor

Hi Ryan, sorry that you are disapointed, I see Storyline more as a blank canvas application to build your own interactions. The Articulate folks have built a number of interactions that are included with Storyline and others are available from tjhis site. 

There are tutorials on this site and via screenr to build highly interactive examples, if you need more others may have posted examples you can repurpose

Steve Flowers

Hi, Ryan - 

There is a small collection of templates here:


I'm guessing you've already seen the built-in template types:

I think this is something the community would be interested in helping out with and the Heroes team would be interested in knowing where the gaps are. What types of templates would you be interested in seeing? Include a few links or screenshots, we have lots of Easter bunnies on the forums

Renee W

As a newcomer, I completely agree with Ryan.  I've seen so many reviews stating "It was so quick and easy to create professional CBTs" I assumed there were PAGES of ready to use templates... and it turns out, there are only 12 on the download page.

Don't get me wrong, they are very nice and I'm sure I can use them in some of my modules.. but I expected 50 or so premade modules with images of computer screens, TV screens, rooms, offices, cubicles, etc.   I'm not a graphic designer so I personally need more than a blank canvas to get started. (Although the videos are great)

Are users allowed to submit templates to that download page? I would think if users could easily upload templates they made there would be hundreds available - since there are so many creative geniuses on this site!

Gerry Wasiluk

I think Storyline takes the PowerPoint model of being able to create your own layouts with Masters.  If you like Masters in PowerPoint, you'll like it in Storyline.

You can also create your own templates, which I do all the time, often after editing the Master for the template.

Personally, I like this flexibility.   Though I can see how others want more structure and assets.

A lot of templates folks use are organizationally driven with specific organizational branding and other requirements, something that Articulate obviously cannot anticipate or provide.  So a lot of us end up creating our own for clients with strict design requirements and branding.

Also, this is only version 1 of a product that's only been out since May.  Knowing Articulate, I'd expect them to add more and more here as time goes by.

Daniel Brigham

Hi, Ryan:

I understand the frustation, but there are tons of resources out there to help you.

Tom Kuhlmmann, on his rapid e-learning blog, regularly gives away templates. You can google him and check out all the templates.

You can also go to http://office.microsoft.com/en-us/templates/results.aspx?qu=powerpoint+templates&ex=1&av=all# and download PPT templates.

Simon Perkins

Happy to side on both sides of the coin here.  I can see why some would 'expect' SL to ship with loads of templates (or links to templates) but IMO that risks making it a little too much like Raptivity et al for my liking, i.e. a generic/unbranded myriad of overly-colourised counter-relevant jigsaw pieces.  Hence why I can also see why people love the blank canvas option because the scope is so rich.  The former really isn't my bag but it has its place, especially for those who maybe lack design skills/resources/budgets and of course time.

I reckon anyone whose handy with PowerPoint can knock up a few decent templates pretty sharpish.  Spend some time playing with them > tweak them > improve them > etc. 

Lynn Guida

I love the flexibility of Storyline but I have to convert a ton of development from Presenter/Engage/Quizmaker into storyline so we can use HTML5 output.  Unfortunately Engage and Quizmaker don't output to HTML5 and the templates I used to create these are not available to recreate in Storyline - it's starting from scratch for every course our company offers.  Any suggestions on templates that match what exist in Engage or Quizmaker is greatly appreciated.

Travis Thompson

Phil Mayor said:

Hi Ryan, sorry that you are disapointed, I see Storyline more as a blank canvas application to build your own interactions. 

Agreed.  I think those that purchased Storyline with the anticipation of finding pre-built interactions (like the Articulate Studio) have misunderstood the purpose of the software.  Storyline lets you step out of the box and create your own interactions.  If it is pre-built you are after, then perhaps Lectora's SnapEmpower or some of the similar products is what you were really looking for.  

Mike Denney

Where have all the Storyline 1 templates gone? Now when I go to the download area, it seems every template is designed for Storyline 2, which I do not have and therefore cannot open. Upgrading is not an option as budgets have been drastically cut--is there a simple way to filter out the SL 2 templates so I only get the ones that I can use with my version?

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mike,

Although there aren't filtering options in terms of searching, you may be able to tell quickly which ones are SL1 templates as they've likely been downloaded more and you can see within the comments a general range of when it was posted. Since SL2 came out this Fall, I'd look for any dated comments prior to that. 

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