Display a powerpoint silde during a video ?

Jul 29, 2013

I have a project that includes a video and powerpoint slides associated with the video that a Learner must view. What I would like to be able to do for the Learner is that while they are watching the video have the specific powepoint slide associated with that point of the video automatically appear on the slide. 

My though was to somehow have a Lightbox appear that displays the powerpoint based on a specific timespot in the timeline.

Is something like this possible using Storyline or is there another method that could be used to accompolish automatically displaying a powepoint slide during the playing of a video?

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Mike Enders


If the PowerPoint slide is static,  you could simple bring the slides over as images and then place them on the main timeline with the video.  So they appear over a portion of the video as the video plays.

If you want the video to pause, then you could place the PowerPoint slides on layers and trigger the layer to show at certain time points in the video.  To do this, simply place objects on the main timeline (but off screen) and trigger the corresponding layer to show when the timeline starts for a particular object.

Hope this helps!


Mike Enders


I've attached an example.  

Basically, you draw a shape and place it off of the main canvas.  Then you adjust it on the timeline to where you'd like a layer to appear.  Add a trigger to show layer when the timeline for that object starts.  

You can build out the layer like you would a normal PowerPoint slide.


Ray Mooney

I've been looking through the forum(s) and I'm not getting an answer to a question I posted about Storyline ..... possibly you can help me.

Is it possible to play a movie and at the same time have slides play, i.e. two windows running concurren

I'm trying to launch a movie in a separate window and it does not launch.

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