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Jun 17, 2014

I've created a pick one question. When I publish the slide the user can't see where he has clicked before clicking of the submit button.

I think that the reason is the result is submitted when the user click on the object. But I don't find the solution to make the cursor mouse appear when the user click. Anyone have an idea ?

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Rebecca Fleisch Cordeiro

Hi Frederic,

Usually there's a soft blue glow around the selected state. You can see this in the screenshot below. What I did to "get there"

  1. Clicked Answer B on the slide
  2. Clicked the States tab (near the timeline)
  3. Double-clicked on the Selected state to make it active
  4. Clicked the Shape Effects drop-down (in orange in the screen shot)
  5. Moved my mouse to highlight Glow (in yellow in the screen shot)

You can change the glow color and pixel width here; or, you can select no glow and choose a different type of selected state, like a fill or outline. Once you've changed the glow on one object, you can use the Format Painter to apply it to other objects

Please shout out with any questions.

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