Display Drag and Drop selections on summary slide and return when desired

Jun 13, 2018

Hi - I am using Storyline 3 and have developed a scenario for veterinary students that includes a drag-and-drop slide with multiple items that the learner can choose to drag and drop to load onto their target "truck." I want to display feedback on the next slide for each item the learner selects, and only those items they select. I then I have a side tab that will be set up to allow the learner to return to that summary slide at any later point in the scenario so that they can view what they loaded into their truck (so I've set it to resume saved state on return). I've attached the file and want to know if there's a "prettier, less disorganized" and more efficient way of displaying the results.

Thank you in advance!

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Tom Kuhlmann

A few ideas:

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Chris,

Thanks for reaching out and sharing your .story file so that we could take a look.

I took a look at the result slide you've included and there was nothing selected to be displayed.

If you adjust the Result Slide to track the question slide, that will allow the result slide to work as expected.

I do see that you have a custom score variable set up within your course though, so not sure what the overall goal is with reporting.

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