Display Google form results within a slide

Hi everyone,

I have seen a couple examples of using Google docs/forms and displaying the results in a spreadsheet, although I would like to have the learners take a poll and have the results aggregate to an up-to-date data set that is embedded in the next slide. I have been able to add the responses as a link that opens in a new window but have been unable to embed it within a slide.

Kind of like this:

Slide 1 - learner enters data in Google form
Slide 2 - learner responses embedded in slide

Any thoughts?


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Darren Heath

Hi Daniel,

I think I have done something similar to what you mention in a test I created a few weeks ago.

I have some sample data in a Google sheet

In a sub sheet I take the data and put it into a simple bar chart

I then published this sheet to web (the downside to this is that it takes 5 minutes to refresh and update the published chart with new data.)

I then took this URL and put it into a web object within S2