Display immediate feedback on submit for question with shufle display

Apr 30, 2019


I use the question slides with shuffle display of the answers and I would like to display the checkmarck displayed when revieiwing the quiz.

I know I can add a new stat on the checkbox and add a trigger to display this state on submit button, but it doesn't keep the check if the learner has selected this answer.

It would be great to have the option to display the correct answers on each question and not only when reviewing.

Is there a solution ?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hello, Catherine! Great question.

Working with shuffled answer choices does add complexity when displaying correct/incorrect feedback to the learner.

Instead of using a checkmark to indicate the correct answer, could you share the correct answer in the Correct Feedback Layer text?

The community may have other ideas, so I'll open the floor for their suggestions, too!

Mougin Catherine

Thank you for your answer.

We also explain the correct answer in the Feedback Layer text, but it would be nice to have an  option on the question slides to be able to display the check (like in review mode) on both correct and incorrect layer.

As this feature already exists in review mode, maybe it is not a huge thing to implement for the dev team and it would save a lot of time for people displaying it manullay and would be a solution for shuffle answers.

In the meantime, if the dev team have a trick to do this with javascript, it would be great.

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