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Michael Long

Hi Alyssa,

Before I implement the use of this feature, I'd like to know whether browsers will block it based on people's experiences. We will be replicating this for about 100 courses so I want to make sure I understand how it will be treated by most browsers.

Has anyone reading this, who has used this feature before, noticed it being blocked when it opens in custom dimensions with no browser controls? Also, has anyone seen this setup result in a new tab rather than a separate window that still forces the browser to show controls?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Maryna,

What browser are you using? Also, have you confirmed if it is the browser that chooses to launch the Articulate course in a new window or your  Learning Management System (LMS)? The LMS may have a setting to launch in a new window, so you could reach out to your admin for details on how to change that.