Display interactive slides later in course

Hi - I have a project with 4 interactions: drag/drop, text entry, likert scale survey and radio buttons. I'd like to be able to capture the individuals responses and display them later in the course as images or lightbox slides. I have figured out the text entry and I think I can do the drag/drop but am stumped on the likert and radio buttons without creating a zillion variables. 

Any suggestions?


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Matthew Bibby

You'll need those zillion variables, Holly. And probably a few extra!

As you've discovered, text entry is easy. Just insert a variable reference and you're good to go.

However, the Likert scale and drag and drop (assuming you've used inbuilt Storyline interactions) will be impossible to work with in this way. They don't expose the variables or object states used by the interactions, so there is nothing we can grab onto to use later. I'd rebuild the Likert using my own radio buttons and would remove the drag and drop activity completely. 

Radio buttons should be easy enough to work with. If selected, it'll have a selected state. 


Holly MacDonald

For the drag and drop - I tried using the method in this post: https://community.articulate.com/discussions/articulate-storyline/drag-and-drop-avatar-using-result-later. It didn't work right out of the gate, but wondering if I should keep trying. What do you think?

This is one way you can do it:

Assign a variable (true/false type) to each avatar. So for instance, say my first avatar is called Pic 1 and the second is Pic 2. Then I will create variables called Pic_1_Selected and Pic_2_Selected and set the value to 'False'

Create a trigger to change the values of the variables to True when a particular avatar is selected. So if select Pic 1 as my avatar, then the value of Pic_1_Selected will become True
 Include all the avatars on the page where you want the avatar to be displayed and change their state to Hidden. On the same slide where you have these avatars add a trigger which changes the state of an avatar to Normal if the value of the associated variable is True. So for example, if I have selected Pic 1 in the previous slide, then I will get to see Pic 1 on the current slide because its state has changed to normal.

Matthew Bibby

Actually, if you a using the "Convert to Freeform" option to create your drag and drops then you will have access to the object states and be able to use your own variables to track what's happening. I'd forgotten about this.

So I've added a couple of shapes to a slide and then converted them to a Freeform Drag & Drop.

Then I've added a variable called Object1Dropped and a couple of triggers that will update this variable depending on what's happening with the object.

See a demo here. And the SL360 .story file is here

Holly MacDonald

Here's the slides I'm trying to make work - the drag and drop and the radio buttons are not working, I have variables for all and trying to use the state change trigger. I'm missing something, if you can give me advice that'd be great.

but changed the likert to a series of sliders and can make it work and the text entry works (just need to double check the reference numbers).

Matthew Bibby

Okay, so you were pretty close with the logic you have for the checkboxes.

On slide 2.4, you have triggers which will change the states of the checkboxes on the slide to selected when the checkbox variables change. However, the variable change actually happens on slide 1.4 when the user clicks on the checkboxes.

Instead, you need conditional triggers that will change the state of the checkboxes to selected when the timeline starts if the relevant variable is true. You also want to make sure the when revisiting option in the slide properties is set to Reset to initial state for these slides.

I'd also consider whether or not you want people changing their response on slide 2.4. Personally, I'd drop a shape over the top of this activity and make it 100% transparent.

I'm not 100% sure what's going on with the drag and drop. I think the issue is the same as above (i.e. the triggers need to run on timeline start not when the variable changes), but I don't have enough time at the moment to confirm this is the only issue.

Hope this helps Holly. Yell out if I can be of any further assistance.