Display Menu, but Not the forward and back scrolling arrows in the player

Apr 19, 2022

Hello - I have an interactive course in which I have added Next and Previous buttons, as well as hot spots on each slide for navigation. I am displaying the menu on the left, but do not want the player previous < and next > arrows to be included on the player. Is there a way to display the menu without these buttons? Thank you!

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Billi Thompson

Melissa - 

I assume you have triggers set up with custom next/previous "buttons" of some sort and don't want the built in "next" and "previous" arrows. Working from the "Story View" tab, Select all of your slides. Go to the bottom right hand corner of the slide under "Slide Properties." Under Multiple slide navigation and gestures, uncheck the Prev and Next boxes next to swipe and buttons. This should give you the results you are looking for. See attached video. 

Melissa Bailey

Thanks so much for your help!! That worked perfectly! It also solved another dilemma I was struggling with - how to change the slide advance for all slide to "user," instead of having to change each one individually. :) 

Yes, I have the appropriate triggers built in for my custom Previous and Next buttons, and you are correct about what I am doing.