Display of SURVEY RESULTS pick many?

I have created a survey with 10 options. User has to choose 5 options that best describe the item under discussion. Then they submit and course moves on to next slide.

On this next slide I want user to see a report of only the options they choose, one statement below the other. The question being posed: "Are you absolutely sure these five statements best reflect the topic? If YES, click NEXT. If NO, click PREVIOUS and re-select.

Is it in any way possible to generate this report that I want? 



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Alphonso Hendricks

Ok, solved my problem. Connected variables to state of tick box on survey slide. Changed state of textboxes from hidden to normal, depending on variable value on the NEXT slide.

If my explanation is unclear and you happen to have the same problem I did, let me know and I will upload my file.


Leslie McKerchie

Hey Laurie,

This conversation is a bit dated, and I'm not sure if Alphonso is still subscribed here. It sounds like your concern is what he was addressing in his subsequent comment in using states.

If you have a sample that someone in the community could take a look at and help out with your design, feel free to share the .story file.