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Aug 12, 2020


I have created a quiz where the participant can skip questions.
At the end you get to a slide, there you choose "Review Quiz" or "Show Result".
If you choose Review Quiz, ALL questions will be shown, the skipped ones can be answered. It's a lot of work to click through 30 questions to find the ones you have skipped.
Is there a way to display only the skipped questions?


Thanks for help

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Judy Nollet

Hi, Marion,

If I saw an option to "Review Quiz" before submitting it for results, I would expect to see every question. After all, I might want to change my answers on some of them. So I suggest you keep that option as is.

You could add a separate "Review Skipped Questions" option. To do that, you'd have to use variables to track which questions have been skipped, and use multiple go-next triggers with conditions to ensure the Next button either advances thru all questions (for Review Quiz) or advance only thru skipped questions (for Review Skipped Questions). 

If you're not familiar with variables and conditions, you can learn about them in the Tutorials and User Guides (https://community.articulate.com/articles/tutorials-and-documentation). It's worth the time, because they provide the real power in the program. 

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