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Oct 18, 2012

In my project, I have two slides that each have a button set.  I created one slide, then copied/pasted the button set to another slide and renamed the button set.  The problem is the 'hover' state:  on the first slide, the hover state appears to always be on top, no matter what other state is 'active'.  On the second slide, the hover state appears 'behind' (below) the visited state--which is what I want!  However, I can't find the difference between the two timelines/states/order that causes them to act differently so that I can make the first slide's hover state appear behind the visited state.  I'm attaching the .story file of the two slides.  Help!!??

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Brenda Heilman

In Edit States, I selected the 'Selected' state, then right clicked the text box and sent it to the back, but this did nothing for my buttons.  :(  Maybe I'm not explaining what I want correctly.  I want the 'selected' state button to show on top of the 'hover' state of that button--the text box placement is fine:  when clicked and hovered over, the button should appear gray with the red glow around it; NOT red with a red glow (hover state only).  I don't understand why one slide's items do this, and the other slides' items don't.  Darn.

Brenda Heilman

Here's another example of this issue...there are 12 people in this drag/drop interaction.  Try dragging them all into one 'act on it office'...upon hover, their captions are under several other people and so are hard to read (see image below).  However, if you click on that person and drag them just the tiniest bit, they 'jump' to the front.  I'd love it if this 'jump' to the front action happened on hover!  Any ideas?

I'm attaching my .story file.

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