Display problem on tablet with HTML 5


I'm experiencing an issue with the display of my side panels when viewing on a table through an LMS. The content I'm producing is intended for PC and mobile viewing, so I'm looking for a solution that works for both

When I launch the content on a tablet, there are supposed to be two tabs in the left panel, the Menu and the Resources. When the menu is visible, its tab header disappears. When you click the Resources tab header, the resources are visible but the tab header disappears.

This issue does not happen when it is launched in a non-mobile environment.

Any insights would be helpful!


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Crystal Horn

Hey Daniece!  Do you know if you have that course published to include Articulate Mobile Player?  If so, I wanted to show you this article comparing Flash, HTML5 and Articulate Mobile Player output.  Specifically, you can see that certain features work (or not) within those environments.


Is that information helpful?  You are also welcome to share a link to your course, or even your .story file for us to test. (You can do that here privately if you don't want to use the add attachment button.)