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Phill Dearn

Apologies both, I admit to being rather vague here.

Basically I'm looking at designing a DSE training course for the majority of staff that work within my business. It's basically an annual course that all staff must go through that assesses their workstation, it also explains how best to sit, rest their hands, adjust their monitors etc to avoid repetitive strain and so on.

Also at the end of the said training to complete an assessment.

I have attached a pdf with the sort of content im looking at.

Hope this clears it up for you both sorry.

Michael Crouch

Hi Phill,

Thanks for the screen shot, this make it much more clear to understand.

Have you done any e-learning before?

This is exactly what Articulate is more than capable of doing?

A few slides of content and then a short questionnaire / test at the end?

This is exactly the type of design I work on for clients.

All you need to do is add a quiz/test at the end?

Will you be uploading to an LMS or company web site?

Phill Dearn

Hi Michael

Iv been working with Articulate for about 2-3 years. I was asking for more inspiration on what people have done on this subject before really.

Unfortunately we do not have an LMS just yet, Im experimenting on ways of tracking and assessing learners without one at the moment.



Michael Crouch

Apologies Phill,

This was not clear from your original question.

So a few ideas that might be helpful.

What I have built in the past, is a set of slides with information, throughout this information I ask the user questions, then depending on their answer, either give then a "correct" message, or an "incorrect" message giving them the reason behind the answer, this way it makes the course more interactive, less boring for the user.

You could also have chapters, where the user is shown that there will be 7 chapters (keyboards, mouse, display screens etc...)

The user could choose which chapter they whish to start, and once completed, they could then be directed back to the "home page" where they can choose the next chapter. Once a chapter is complete, it could show a tick on the home page, so the user knows it is complete.

And once all chapters are complete, they are then required to take the validation test.

It is hard to track this without an LMS. But 1 way could be, have the user enter their name, then have it displayed on a certificate once they have completed the validation. That way everyone who has been able to print off a certificate, you know has completed the validation.

I hope this is of some use?