Display text based on learners multiple selections


I've come into a situation where i am looking an easier solution. I'm building a programs where the learner can choose any combination of 5 options using checkboxes. I want to than recall the learners selection(s) later in the course. 

Here is the setup up page

I tried using a single variable where if the learner selects specific checkbox(s) it will adjust the variable to certain text. i.e. learner selects PMS and Passcode - the variable would be PMS, Passcode. I realize that this method would would but it would take a lot of triggers to accomplish this.

I'm looking for an easier method.


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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Richard and welcome to Heroes! 

I think it's going to take a lot of triggers no matter what, but you may also want to look into each checkbox changing it's own variable - and that way you won't need to set up the triggers with all the conditions to check if X and Y are selected and not Z and A, etc. 

If you're able to share that portion of the Storyline project here with us, it may help other community members generate solutions or ideas for you. 

Richard Jans

Hi Ashley

Your suggestion worked. I created a variable for each checkbox. I then created a trigger for each checkbox that would change the associated variable to the specific text of the checkbox. I then inserted each reference of the each of the variables on one line in a different part of the course. it was easy and works beautifully. As with Tim, it's a good Friday.