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Jun 01, 2016


I hope someone can help figure out what I'm doing wrong. I have a drag/drop activity where users explore 12 recommended activities, then they choose 6 activities by dragging them to a zone. When they click Submit, the 6 chosen activities should appear on the next page. It doesn't work!

Here is the logic applied to do this:

On page 1:

Created a T/F variable for each activity textbox on page 1. Default = False. NOT assignment.

Created 12 trigger on page 1: Adjust variable of Activity A, B... to True when user clicks Submit and Activity A is correctly dropped.

On page 2:

Created 12 textboxes with text Activity A, Activity B, etc.  Initial state is Normal and text is white (cannot be seen). Show state has text in black.

Created 12 triggers: Change state of textbox Activity A to shwo when timeline starts if Activity A = True

Would really appreciate your help.


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Celine Maher

Thanks Pierre. I tried that. However, the variable is not changing from False to True when I drop the activity to the zone. This is the trigger. It might provide some clues.

Action: Adjust variable

Variable: Soccer

Operator = Assignment

Value = Value True

When: User clicks

Object: Submit button

On condition: Activity "Soccer" state is Drop Correct

Walt Hamilton


The biggest problem is that the triggers to change the variables depend on the objects being dropped correctly, but it can't be known if they are dropped correctly until after the submit action is taken. But right now, the triggers to change the variables come before the action to submit.

If you change those around, it won't work either, because after the submit trigger is initiated, the slide loses focus, and the variables won't changed.

Change the trigger to set the variable to When object 1-sc is dropped on DROP_zone Trapezoid, and delete the condition.

You don't need the DropCorrect state, at least, not on this slide. When the variable is changed when the object is dropped, the variables will handle it.

I also added a trigger to reset the variable if the user changes their mind and drags the tip out of the toolbox. It depends on the big gray rectangle. You need to set it to have a transparency of 100%. Don't set it to no fill, as it won't catch the object being dragged over it.

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