Displaying bullets by clicking pictures

I am creating a course in which there are 8 bullets that have to be displayed. I am using Storyline 1.   I am looking to have the learner click a picture to reveal the bullet.  I would be using 6 pictures that the user will click on to reveal one or two of the bullets.   Any ideas how this can be done without using any audio or video?  

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Jon DeGroot

Hey Stephanie,

I don't have access to Storyline 1 however it should work the same way as Storyline 2 does. What you'll want to do is make your bullets separate text boxes so they can be shown individually when you click on one picture or another. Then change the state of the text boxes to hidden. Select the text box and at the bottom of Storyline is a States Tab in between Timeline and Notes. Click on that and change the drop down from Normal to Hidden.

Hidden State

Then create a trigger that says change state of textbox to normal when user clicks on the picture. 

Change State

Let me know if this helps!

Jon DeGroot

Eric Petersen

I would put each bullet on a separate slide layer, and set each layer to not hide the other layers when they pop up (unless you want them to hide the other layers) then set a trigger on each photo to show the slide layer, this allows you to add animation to the bullets as they pop in.  see attached. 

Jon DeGroot

Eric thanks for bringing up the animation part! You can also assign the animation to the hidden text box and when the state changes to normal the animation will trigger. Just select the text box and then click on the Animations Tab up top. Then change the entrance animation to fade and you're set! 

Either route would certainly do the trick though!

Jon DeGroot

stephanie watkins

Because the wording on the bullets are lengthy, I created 6 different layers with bullet points on each.  I decided to use smaller images and lined the side of the page with the images so that when an image is clicked the appropriate bullet appears.  Thanks for the idea of changing states, I set up a visited state so that once the image is selected the image will be turn grey.  thanks for the help.