Displaying Externally hosted video for All Devices

Help if anybody knows.

Because of anticipated bandwidth limit issues imposed by our host provider and also proprietary content security, we need to embed these as externally located videos in Storyline content and presented on a WordPress site.  Storyline only appears to support embedding SWF content which precludes HTML5, iOS and MP4 from external web sites. Our visitors use all of these devices to access our site, according to logs.  Youtube, and the other mega video sites are definitely out of the question.  Our external site uses MagicHTML5 player to feed content to the main WP site. This player supports all popular devices.  What combo of code and configuration will get this to show and play for all devices???  The test project uses 17 different video on 17 different slides which came from within 17 different subdirectories on the external site.  Using code for embedding the HTML src=http://..... /index.html as an iframe on each of the project slides doesn't work for reasons unknown.

Has anybody successfully incorporated video from external web sites, not just .swf?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judson,

You can insert links to videos or the videos themselves. Storyline supports numerous video file formats.  SWF, FLV, and MP4 are natively supported.  Other video file formats will be automatically converted to MP4 when you insert them into Storyline.  There is a listing here of all the supported video file types and information here on how those will be encoded or not depending on what output you intend to use. 

If these videos are already hosted on a website or server, you'll want to look at the method here to embed as a web object with either the url link or embed code. 

Judson Singer

Excellent Answer Ashley!

On a very closely related matter I'm wondering if you can hit the bullseye again.  I'm serving up pay per view educational content from my WP site which includes many videos, sound, and swf files. Since users will pay for this access and because the content is distributed between a video storage Site B (www.videostoragesite.com) and content delivery Site A, (www.mywpressite.com) the exchange of data between the two sites and within each site must be secure. My ISP providers have bandwidth restrictions that are outrageously expensive if exceeded but the two sites together should handle the distributed load effectively. I don't want anybody to be able to access any files (html, swf, jpg, mp4...) on Sites A or B through hotlinking or visiting B's URL directly. Content delivery Site A must be able to hotlink any and all files on content storage Site B and deliver all content seamlessly, which it could do as long as I've disabled the current .htaccess file of site B. In so doing, the other objectives cannot be met. Site B must be able to link and interact with all of its own files without restriction as the mix is what constitutes the essential educational content forwarded to Site A on demand. I've stumbled around with several solutions but have not created or discovered one that works smoothly without a bunch of gotcha's or dead ends!

I suspect the answer lies in an appropriately configured .htaccess file but.... I'm not certain. (This kind of scenario can't be new under the sun)

What might you or the other Storyline gurus have to offer as an answer?

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Judson,

Securing content and access to external links is not my area of expertise - but if you'll be linking to them from within a Storyline slide (as opposed to opening a new window) they shouldn't be able to grab the URL...but, I'd defer to some of our community super heros to weigh in on this more.