Displaying feedback by choice for a freeform pick one question

I would like to provide learners with different feedback based on their answer choice. This is part of a scenario so I would also like for learners to have unlimited attempts.

I took an existing slide, converted it to a freeform pick-one, and selected feedback by choice and unlimited attempts. I used the More button by each choice to link the feedback slide to the appropriate answer choice.

When I tested the question feedback only appeared for the correct answer. When I selected an incorrect answer the screen did nothing. I couldn’t figure out what was going on so I had my manager to review the file. He found triggers on two layers created by Storyline with a condition where the slide will only show feedback after the 10,000th attempt.

Has anyone else experienced this? Is this a bug or should I take a different approach for what I would like to do?

I thought recreating the pick-one slide would correct the problem, but I noticed that the 10,000th condition appeared again when I selected the More button to link to a feedback slide. 

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi there Ruby! Thanks for that detailed write-up and for including screenshots.

That trigger is expected, actually! Since you're using "Unlimited" attempts, we set the attempt count to a large number (since unlimited isn't a number 😉) . 

It sounds like you may need to adjust how your slides are set up. Can you tell me more about how you want this interaction to work?

  • Do you want the learner to be able to retry the question unlimited times?
  • Do you want to show the learner a reference slide when they get the question incorrect, then return back to the question to try again? I'm thinking lightboxes will be perfect for this.