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Mar 18, 2016

I am learning the Player features and chose to make use of the Notes tab.  There are notes on 3rd slide (Slide 1.4) and the last slide (Slide 1.7).  When I select it on either slide, it does something funny. It either does not work and/or it jumps to a different slide -- instead of displaying the Notes.  What am I doing wrong? I have attached my "practice file".

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Joanne Chen

Hi Michelle, it jumps to another slide because you added a Note function witch demainds to jump to the next slide when user clicks it.

Use the original Notes Tab not to create a new one if you want to display the slide notes (see the pic below). And if you want to display the notes function on the topbar right, you could just select it and click the up arrow to move to the location you like.


Michelle Buckland

Hi Joanne,

The trigger must have been a default because I didn't manually create it; however, still do not understand.  Why is that default there? What I am trying to do is when the learner clicks on the Notes tab, it will show the Notes added which I added for the slides 1.4 and 1.7 (beside "States").


Michelle Buckland

Thanks very much Walt!

Now I began the Publishing tutorial. I have finished all the Player setup.  When I preview the scene, for some reason the slide numbering is messed up on the Story View as the numbering.  I attached a screenshot along with the final version of the Articulate Storyline 2 file.  It only works when clicking on the Section buttons. I edited on Player Menu. I know that Menu is customized for only the view of the Menu when in Preview Mode and not the story view (with its triggers).  How do I fix this?   Please help....

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Michelle!

You can change the order of slides in the player menu for an Articulate Storyline course. You can even remove slides from the player menu. However, it won't affect the actual order in which your slides display. Slide order is controlled by the trigger assignment for the Next button. See this article for more information.

If you make changes to your menu and then decide that you want to reset the menu back to its original state, click Reset from story below the menu.

Resetting the menu does the following:

  • Scene/slide titles revert back to the way they appear in your project.
  • Indent levels will be removed.
  • New titles that have been added will be removed.
  • Original scenes/slides that have been deleted will be restored.
Walt Hamilton

I looked at your screenshot, and you can go literally, actually, and absolutely crazy if you worry about how the slides and numbers appear in the STORY VIEW, even if you don't have OCD. There is only one connection between what you see there and the real world, and that is the arrows. SL tries its best to storyboard the project, (and frankly I'm amazed at what it can do), but until you have a lot of experience reading it, it isn't much help.

The important thing is to click on a thumbnail, and trace the arrows from it, to see if your navigational flow is what you want. Otherwise, DON'T WORRY ABOUT WHAT YOU SEE IN STORY VIEW. If the navigation is correct, the user never sees the STORY VIEW. You can spend hours trying to change it without changing anything in the project.

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