Displaying output in part of a custom web page

May 16, 2012

We would like to display Storyline output in a custom web page that has a banner and left-hand navigation. This might work out of the box if we used frames, but we're trying to avoid that if possible. The publishing options in Storyline are limited to resizing the browser or not (we choose "not") and setting the player to "optimal" size or filling the browser window.

We want to load Storyline into an existing <div> rather than have it take up and/or resize the browser.

You'd think not resizing the browser window and setting to "optimal" size would do the trick, but Storyline loads inside the entire browser window, obliterating the banner and navigation. This appears to be part of the default JavaScript template that comes along with publishing.

So, what is the best way to do this? Our first choice would be to have Storyline scale to fill the available browser window space, starting below the banner and to the right of the navigation panel. Secondly, it would be OK to specify a size (say, 720x540) and have Storyline display like a video, in the page where we tell it to.

Custom JavaScript inside the template files? JavaScript in a Trigger (doubtful)? Build the site in frames (not cool)?



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