Displaying Question number in a test field when using test bank

Hi guys,

I`m currently doing a project utilizing the test bank feature to draw random questions. The issue however is that I`ll need to show the current question number in a text field. Based on my limited Storyline knowledge I guess I`ll have to use a syntax. Something like "%TestBank.QuestionNumber%" for instance. I was wondering what the correct syntax for the given situation should be and also if there is a list of all valid syntaxes in the storyline some where for future references.



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Amir Zahedi

Hey Berno,

I could not find any built-in way of doing this but managed to display question number in a randomly ordered test bank with a bit of trick.

-You`ll have to manually create a variable of type number in may case I named it as "QuestionNumber" with initial value of zero.

-Next you`ll have to add a trigger to each question to increase the value of "QuestionNumber" by one on timeline start.

-Then you`ll be able to display question number using this syntax in a text field  

Question %QuestionNumber%

-Don`t forget to set the value for "QuestionNumber" back to zero if you are giving the learner a choice to redo the test or module/

david mckisick

Hey Amir. That is a great way to do display question numbers, however, you may run into a problem if you allow the users to go backwards and forwards during the quiz or during the review of the quiz, because Storyline will lose track of the count. If you are only allowing them to move forward then it's not an issue.

Amir Zahedi

For us it's never been an issue as we almost NEVER use the built in player GUI as it's not tablet friendly. Using your own buttons to navigate a through modules you can just reduce the value by one each time you backwards plus you can get better looking training for tablets. Have look at this video if you want to get a sense of what I'm talking about.