Displaying quiz results after learners questions from landing page

Jan 28, 2015

I have a quiz landing page with buttons that users click to jump to different quiz questions. My plan was for the results slide to be visible after learners have tried all the questions via this landing page, having had two attempts at each question.

However, I'm completely confused as to how to do this. Do I need variables on each of the question pages to track when questions have been attempted?

My other option is simply to have learners work through the questions in sequence and lose the landing page. However, if I do this I can't get the results page to appear.

I'm clearly having a bad afternoon...

Ideas to make either scenario work very welcome

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Emily Ruby

Hello Olivia!

You could set each question to allow 2 attempts from within the quiz slides themselves. You could have a button to jump to the results slide appear after all of the Buttons to direct to each quiz slide have been Visited, using states. 

If you remove the menu page, you said you lose the results slide, do you have a trigger on the last quiz slide to jump to the results slide?

You could also share the file here if you would like us to take a look.

Attached is a sample file with an idea.

Pamela Carr

Hi there,

I've created a small sample quiz and the result show perfect whilst on my computer in Storyline 2, the result should look like this CorrectResult.png  (see attachment), however when testing after pressing HTML5 button after publishing, it doesn't work the same, it shows IncorrectResult.png (see attached).

Any assistance would be appreciated.

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