Displaying Scene titles in the Player grey zone on top

Mar 21, 2016


My client has asked me if I could display the title of the current  scene on top of the player window, close to where we see the Resources, Menu and Quit tabs.

I was wondering if I can customize the player using a variable showing the Scene title.

In the interim I am suggesting to use the MENU tab to navigate through the modules but I'm looking for this solution as well. I hope this is clear, English is not my first language.



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Luc Thibault


Hi Priyanka and Christie,

 Thank you both for your replies - I was so busy delivering this product that I forgot to check back. I understand your suggestions and I am quite familiar with the menu, however I was hoping that we could customize what is shown on top of the player when the menu is not opened, i.e. if you click on the link on top, make a few clicks to reach the main menu and look at the french title ''Capsules Cisco Jabber Hydro-Québec''... the client was hoping that I could add a variable changing depending on where the learner is in the story. The title would read like:

 ''Capsules Cisco Jabber Hydro-Québec - 3 - Indicateur d'état'' if the learner is currently completing chapter 3, etc...

The point was; this is a fairly comprehensive set of modules and users would see the title of the chapter they're completing, giving them a sense of progress. 


Christie Pollick

Hi, Luc -- Thanks so much for stopping in with additional clarification of what you were hoping to accomplish!

While I am not aware of a method you could use to change the information at the top of the player as a learner progress through a course, I did want to share the following Progress Meter resources in case anything piques your interest:

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