Displaying slide numbers - total number of slides AND current slide number


  I have a linear Storyline 3 course and I need to know how to display on every slide without manually inputting information on every slide.  I need to know how to automatically show the following on each slide:

1. The slide number (1, 2, 3, 4)

2. The total number of slides in the slide deck (70)

I assume that I need to use some sort of a variable but I am still learning how to use those and am a bit lost!


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Jeff Forrer

See attached.  There are a many ways to do this, some simpler, some harder.  One way is to create two variables, one for the slide, one for total slides, and update the one for the slide on each page.  See the file, this uses triggers to update the variable.

You could also you Javascript to do this so that you don't have to update all the time.

Another way is to use SL360, which has built-in variables that automatically do this.  I have included these as well in this file.  From what I understand SL3 can access those variables if created in SL360 first and then used in SL3.  However I caution you if you don't have SL360, you may not be able to update/use these variables.

Take a look at the file, happy to answer any questions.

Denise Gittins

Hello Jeff,

  Thank you! Unfortunately I cannot download the file because my work computer does not allow this. 

  But, based off of what you are saying, there is something for SL360, but I don't have that, I only have storyline 3..so I guess I won't be doing that.

  What do you mean that I can use the variables but if I use javascript I won't have to update all the time?  Won't the variables update?

Jeff Forrer

Ok, see attached image hopefully you can view.  A screenshot of the file I put together which had a few options.  With not being able to download, this is probably your best option, however not the most elegant or efficient.  If you cannot see the image, let me know.

Jeff Forrer

This shows for example, 2 of 25, current slide you are on, and total number of slide in file or scene.  If you want to know a count of how many slides they have visited, you would have to create a variable for that and add to it only the first time a user goes to that slide, as you would not want to add count to it every time they revisit.  Note that the built in Menu, if you are using it, would show which ones they have completed and which ones they have not.  As well if you are wanting to track them, you can require that they visit all slides to get credit, this is a built in feature as well in the Player settings.

Denise Gittins

Hello Jeff, 

So I've tried out the variable for the total number of slides but also for the number for each slide.  


One thing I was trying to avoid was having to number each and every slide.  I tried the variable, but according to the picture you sent me, I still have to number the trigger in each slide?


Is there a way to avoid having to number (or set a trigger number) for each and every slide, and have and automatic calculation of the slide numbers?



Jeff Forrer

Hello, yes you would have to update that number on each slide, I typically just copy the trigger to each, then update the number.  The total slides is just a count of all your slides and put one time in the default entry of the total slide variable. 

In SL360 this all is done easier with built in variables.  I did save that option down to SL3 so you could use it in SL3, however since you cannot download the file I posted, you cannot use that.

The other option would be to use Javascript in a trigger to help streamline this.  Others may have a better idea here.

Denise Gittins

hmmmm ok I see! Yes I just found that for SL360 they may it super easy to add slide numbers, https://community.articulate.com/series/articulate-storyline-360/articles/storyline-360-add-slide-numbers#current-slide-number but the same option is not available for SL3 I think....hopefully a staff member sees this post :)

Jeff Forrer

Yes, they are aware that 360 has this feature, but SL3 does not.  There are features in SL360 that are not in SL3. 

However, in this case I was able to post a file that was saved in SL3 for you taking advantage of the variables you need from SL360.  If you are able to download the file I posted somehow, this would help solve your problem and you would not need to adjust variables on each page.