displaying slide/page #s?

Feb 24, 2014


Does anyone know how to set this up? I know lectora [not comparing just saying coz I think SL is way better :( ]as a build-in variable that you can add to your project hierachy, but haven't seen it in SL. It  has to indicate how many slides and where the user is in the course e.g 20/50.

Yes, it is a bit of an outdated method to show progress, but a client wants this because it is part of their brand and fast pace so folks can gauge. ...


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Harri S

Hi Kai,

I think the way to do this is to set up a number variable and set the number on every page e.g set to 1 on page 1, set to 2 on page 2. Then at the bottom of the slide itself (or wherever you want the page number) to insert an onscreen variable reference. FYI I would avoid simply adding 1 each time as this will cause issues with people going backwards and forwards in the course.

But this is not a built in feature at this point in time. You could submit a feature request though.

Hope this helps

Kai ...

Phil Mayor said:

I wouldn't do it by adding 1, if you have branching in your course it is likely this will get confused, far better to have a trigger on each slide that sets a unique value for that slide.

OOOOH Phil, tell me more  Can you perhaps make me a little screenshot of it? That is exactly the type of questions I have.

- What about displaying the x/60 pages for example?

- Does this need to be added manually to every slide or can it be somehow be embedded as a layout?

- What about the layers that are displayed?


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