Displaying the popup on clicking the image


I am struck with the click and display activity. I have three image all of them are clickable. Upon clicking each of them need to show a popup box. Right now the popups are displayed upon clicking the image. But the problem is when clicking the image one popup one is diplayed and when clicking the image two popup two is displayed and popup one goes to hidden state. I have all the three popup in the three different layers

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jyothi sita

Hi Surya,

Before answering to your question, I would like to know do you want to display all the popups on the screen without hiding anyone? If yes, then you need to uncheck the following option "Hide other slide layers" under slide layer properties dialogue box.

Here is the screenshot for slide layer properties dialogue box (Clcik the gear icon on the layer to get this dialogue box)

Hope my answer helps you....!



Modassar Warsi

This functionality can be achieved easily exploring the states of an object (images in this scenario)

  1. Create Selected state for the images.
  2. Add the pop-up box in the selected state.
  3. You can define button set for the images so they act like a radio button. (Image attached!)

Sample is attached.