Displaying Time Taken to Complete a Quiz

Dec 10, 2013

Hi - we have a quiz hosted on Articulate Online and want to display the time the user took to complete the quiz on the Results Slide. The information is available via Reports in Articulate Online but am not sure if that is available for display within Storyline.

I know about the option to set a timer on a quiz but couldn't see an option to display the time taken on the Results Slide. Is there a variable to use like the one used to display the score?

%Results6_2.PassPercent%% (%Results6_2.PassPoints% points)

Many thanks!

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Mirren,

There isn't a built in timer for Storyline to determine how long a user spent in a course, although some LMS's, including Articulate Online will track that, although you could always submit it as a feature request. This thread, has a suggestion at the bottom about a Javascript timer which would not be supported by Articulate but we have a number of Javascript gurus in the community who could help you out. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Vanessa, 

In Articulate Online reports, Duration describes how long a learner interacted with the content. Duration is based on the tracking option you selected when you published the course.

  • If you're tracking by the number of slides viewed, the duration is calculated by adding the time learners spent on each slide.
  • If you're tracking by an embedded quiz, the duration reflects how long learners spent on the quiz. Non-quiz slides are not included in the duration.

You'll find that Duration noted as a part of the reports, and it'll indicate durations for each time that they enter the course. At this time, within Articulate Online there isn't an option to summarize total duration by student, although this would make an excellent feature request!  In the interim, you might try exporting your report to CSV and doing the math in Excel.

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