Dissapearing text

I'm having a problem with text disappearing on hover in Multiple Response and  Multiple choice quizzes in an E-Learning course I'm working on. I have created the course in English & have been translating it into Arabic - this is where the problems have started.

Now I've translated my question answers into Arabic, when you preview/publish the course and hover over the different options often (but not always) they will disappear on hover & reappear once you move the mouse. 

I have checked my states & when you preview these it's fine, nothing dissapears, but as soon as you preview/publish the slides the hover problems start. 

Please see attached as an example!

I was wondering if anyone could help? 

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Tim Shelton

I am not exactly sure why this happens.

I have encountered something similar in the past where when editing states if you copy and paste the image or text between states it can flicker when being used. Best option when using states is to duplicate a state then edit it.

If you didnt do this when making each state and it is in fact the default multiple choice template glitching maybe seek the help of Articulate themselves or build a multiple choice yourself as its pretty straightforward and is more foolproof and give options for more customisability.

Thirdly it may be the font but I'd be surprised if this was causing the issue.

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carla and welcome to Heroes! 

Thanks for sharing your file here - and I saw the same behavior you mentioned. I tried importing it into a new file to see if that would resolve any of the odd issues - and that did not change it. You mentioned it only happened when you included the Arabic text? Did you import using the translation feature or did you conduct the translation by editing the text directly in Storyline?

I'd also want to confirm that you're following along with the guidelines for working with Storyline files as described here:

Carla Leclezio

Hi Tim& Ashley, 

It is very frustrating! .. I've been in touch with someone at the Omniplex support team & they've said:

I have taken a look at your issue and it seems that this is anissue in the way Storyline handles right-to-left text.

While this may be addressed in a future update, I can suggestthe following immediate workarounds:

If questions shuffling is not important, for each option in yourmultiple choice area:
* Cut the text, but leave a space so tha tthe box isn't removed
* Paste the text into a textbox next to the checkbox and format as required
* Remove answer shuffle on the Multiple Choice area
* Send all text fields to back

Alternatively, if question shuffled is required, you can useimages of the text in a multiple choice format, by going to "Media >Picture from File..."

Which seems to do the trick, just a pain as there are a lot of questions! 

Ashley, I translated the text & edited directly in Storyline, my client provided the copy & I copied & pasted it in. I found pasting in the Arabic caused quite a few glitches with the software, I found a number of hyperlinks were added into the text randomly causing white rollover boxes to appear on hover, it is also not possible to see a highlight a section of text (you can select a number of words at once but the highlight box doesn't appear) 

I am actually working off a network, although when I've worked off a desktop previously i've had the same problems, working with the English version is fine! 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Carla,

I'm sorry for the frustration you've experienced but I'm glad that the Omniplex support team was able to verify that it is an issue which our QA team is aware of. 

In regards to the copy/pasting - you'll want to also be aware that Storyline will handle pasted text as detailed here. 

Also, working off a network drive may work - but it's not recommended due to issues we've seen in files that can be traced back to not working locally.