Distorted course after publishing to LMS

I encountered an odd problem with Storyline 3--I published my project to LMS and once it was uploaded to the LMS and I viewed it in the course (using EduBrite), the text reverts to Times New Roman and is misplaced. Not just the text, but the notes and other items are out of place as well. I had my colleague view it in the LMS and she saw the same problem as well. I didn't do anything different when I published it this time.

I browsed the forums and saw that I was not the only one to have this problem, but after reading through 5+ articles and reading responses from staff, I am still unsure what to do to correct this. I tried changing fonts (both native and not to the program), publishing both with Flash/HTML 5 and HTML/5, I've tried different SCORM versions. When I see the response, the staff member usually asks the poster to send them their .story file to review. I only create the content with Storyline, but my colleague manages the zip in the LMS.

I am saving my file locally.
I am using Windows 10 on a MacBook and browsing with Google Chrome.
So far I am only seeing this issue in this project. 

I have included screenshots of the differences how it looks after it's uploaded to EduBrite.

This seems to happen sporadically, where if I publish it a different time (doing nothing differently), it would be fine, but then the same file I uploaded to the LMS will still appear distorted at other times.

I'd be happy to provide my .story file privately for further review.

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Stephanie Long

My course does this as well.  Font (Gill Sans) looks fine in IE, but in Chrome defaults to Times New Roman no matter where (i.e. what server) I publish (ScormCloud, Tempshare, LMS).  This is clearly a known issue that has been going on for years (along with the other missing characters font issue).  

Ren Gomez

Hi Stephanie,

Sorry to hear you're experiencing this as well with Gill Sans. While I have no updates to share on this bug, I'll be sure to share your issue with our team and provides any updates to this discussion when progress is made. 

In the meantime, feel free to connect with one of our support engineers, as they may be able to help troubleshoot some workarounds.