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Phil Mayor

It is as you describe it:

A/B * 100 = C%

I would alway use  intermediate variables to ensure that you do not destroy the initial values.

Create Variable called Answer



Assign value of Answer to 0

Assign value of B to Answer

Adjust Variable Answer Divide by A

Multiply Answer by 100

Then add a reference as %Answer%%

that should work.


RECO Education

Hi Phil

Here's what's happening:

on base layer users are entering a $number/$number = percent answer

when the get to the feedback layer, the second $number has extra 000s


For example

It should read: $850,500/$14,175,000=0.06% 

However, the following is happening: $850500/$1417500000=0.06%


How do I get rid of the extra 00s in the second $number?

Do you happen to know how to add commas as well?