DIY quiz-show alternate layers depending on number of attempts not working

OK. I give up. 

I've got a five checkbox quiz, three answers are correct. I've got a slide layer for correct that works and a slide layer for incorrect that works.

I'd love to be able to give participants an out after a third attempt-so, another incorrect layer with a continue button and the correct answer revealed.

So, I created a variable, set it to '0'. I set it up so every time the 'retry' button was clicked it altered the variable with a '+1'. copied the trigger from the first incorrect layer to a new one and added a condition of 'if variable is => than 2 show (the new layer with the escape button and answer). and a condition on the original of 'if variable is <2' (show the original incorrect layer).

It doesn't work.

Depending on that order the triggers are listed either one or the other incorrect layers appears. But never both working as I imagined.


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Tracy Buthe

I don't know why what you have set up isn't working. But, I have gotten something like this to work by having the trigger fire when the timeline of the slide starts but for you maybe it should be when the timeline of the layer starts. So, in other words, have the variable add one when the timeline of the layer starts instead of when they click the button. That way it will count the times they have hit the incorrect layer and not the button.  

To me it just seems like these kinds of things work best when you trigger them at the beginning of a slide or a layer.

I'm not sure if it would have anything to do with it but you might want to check the slide properties and see what they are set to. If they are set to Reset to initial state that might be a problem. You could try to set it to Resume saved state. That doesn't really make sense to me but it might be something to check.

Hope that helps!!

Rebecca Harrington

Well, this is interesting. I took Tracy's advice. I set the properties for the slide and layers to resume the saved state and made the variable gain the +1 at the start of the timeline of the incorrect message slide. wouldn't work in slide preview. I went to preview the scene, (just wanted to start tweaking from that level) and lo and behold it started working right. Except then it wouldn't show the correct layer. LOL. but I added a condition to that (show as long as the variable was equal to or greater than zero). I had to reorder but it worked!

As for the 'pick many' I've started moving away from the built in quiz slides and since i tend to reuse the same kinds of things I usually just have a copy and paste job.