DnD Issues

Feb 11, 2015

Hi, Could somebody take a look at the attached DnD and tell me what i'm doing wrong please. 

I've followed (i think) the on-line tutorials, however, i appear to be stuck in a constant try again cycle.

Best wishes


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Christophe Jacobs

Hi Simon,

Since you keep replaying the slide this cycle won't stop.

Why do you put all the triggers on the try again layer?
Just let the question deal with the attempts.

See in attachment. Now it gives you 2 attempts, if you fail after the second attempt you get the incorrect feedback and you advance to the next slide.

Christophe Jacobs

Hi Simon,

Was not aware that you wanted this outcome. 

I fixed your project. You made a small mistake when you asked Storyline to open the Incorrect layer when the TRY variable is 2 or more. You asked it to do so when the timeline starts on the TRY AGAIN button. If you ask to perform this action when the timeline of the LAYER starts all is fixed.

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