DnD with correct or incorrect checkmarks


I'm working on a Freeform drag and drop in which I would like either a correct or incorrect checkmark to change state to normal  when the user  clicks the submit button. I have programs that tell the correct or incorrect checkmark to show based on whether the target drop is correct or not correct. But it is not working for me. I'm attaching the file for review. Any suggestions on how to make this work. I also tried it by setting the drag element to correct or incorrect and that didn't work. I know my condition is incorrect, but I don't know how else to set the parameters.

Thank you


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Walt Hamilton

3 Things:

1. I changed the first trigger; the second is in its original state for comparison. You are firing the triggers when the state of the target is changed, but only the object being dragged changes to Drop Correct. So the triggers have to be changed to match #1.


 2. The drag objects are groups, and groups do NOT play nicely with states. I ungrouped, deleted the text box, right-clicked on the object and choose Edit Text . I had to change the font and size from the default(Open Sans 12) to Arial 13.5, but it looks just like the other ones. (Easier to create, and plays nicely with states)

3. I had to create a dropped correct state for DragModem.

Now it works for me.





Nadja Sherelis

Ok. And I made all the changes as you had suggested for my correct and incorrect marks to show. But my correct and incorrect marks are still not showing when the user clicks submit. So I've been doing some experiments and I can get the incorrect to show if the "dragModem" condition is set to "Not equal to" Drop Correct. However, even if I drag the "dragModem" to the correct target, I can't get the correct checkmark to show only the incorrect mark. It seems like no matter where I drag what to whatever target, I can't get a correct drop passed but the feedback layers are showing correctly. I'm attaching my updated file again. Can you see if it works for you. If so, can you tell me how you published it (viewed it). I'm wondering if it's something with my Storyline or a setting of some kind.

Thanks again,