Do I need anything other than the .Story files to edit a project?

Dec 12, 2014

My computer hard drive crashed today and my IT department is working very hard to recover everything. Storyline and Storyline 2 projects are our biggest concern right now, as I work on them locally and sometimes forget to backup to the server.

As we prioritize what we are recovering, does anyone know, do we need anything except the .Story files? It is my understanding that everything in the "output" folders is just for viewing, and can easily be recreated by republishing a recovered .Story file, right? I know that I have emailed .Story files to other people before, and they were able to save them in their "My Articulate Projects" folder and start working on them. So based on this I am assuming that if we can recover the .Story files, we will be OK with losing everything in the output folders.

Can anyone confirm this?

Thank you!

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Michelle Garnsey

Thank you, James. I was really hoping that would be the case!

We're at that point where the hard drive is making a horrible noise and everyone is surprised we're still able to get anything off it at all. The output files seemed like the most logical data to part ways with since the hard drive will probably completely fail on us here soon. 

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